Published by the Faculty of Art & Design of  Universiti Teknologi MARA, Melaka, Malaysia. ARTIKEL (ISSN 2232-187Xprovides opportunity for lecturers, students, designers, researchers and artists  to publish their articles and share ideas especially in context of Graphic Design, Photography, Industrial Design and Fine Arts. Unlike other conventional online journal, in ARTIKEL there are no publishing rules in terms of how your paper should or should not appear. The only limitation is that your paper should be composed in A4 and saved as pdf format. In order to expedite the publishing process, we encourage you to edit the layout of your paper (either using word processor or professional publishing program) and present it in any way you desire. Please click here to submit your work.The final outcome is a unique publication with colorful presentation and layout styles.

On behalf of the publication committee, we would like to invite you to submit papers, artworks and memoirs relating to your discipline and interest. We look forward to your contribution and learning more about your work.

Chief Editor

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